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Non Teacher-Training Degrees

Bachelor course based on Rehabilitation Sciences

The Bachelor course of study based on Rehabilitation Sciences provides students with knowledge, skills and methods in the fields of social rehabilitation and teaching in the areas of aid for the handicapped and social and health systems.

It prepares for a career in various fields of occupation of professional and social rehabilitation, including aspects of rehabilitation, therapy, teaching and training and organisation.

With the Bachelor based on Rehabilitation Sciences, an initial qualification is attained which qualifies for professional life, and is also the foundation paving the way for further study at Masters level.

In general, the length of study is 6 semesters, in which a total of 180 Credits are acquired.


Master Course based on Rehabilitation Sciences

The Masters is a research-oriented course of study. Students should be enabled to be familiar with  research instruments, both general ones and those of social rehabilitation, to reflect critically upon them, to use and develop them further.

In general, the study time is 4 semesters, in which a total of 120 credits are acquired.

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The application deadline is July 15th. The application form and all necessary documents have to be send to the Office of International Relations (Akademisches Auslandsamt)


Please note the special requirements for the Masters course!