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About the Faculty

The Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences contains 17 teaching and research areas, each of which has a specialist research focus in the field of rehabilitation. This makes it one of the largest teaching and research institutions of Rehabilitation Sciences in Europe. Currently, 80 members of staff offer programs of study at all levels to approximately 1,900 students.

One of the Faculty’s primary aims is to further the abilities of people with disabilities in their individual and social surroundings. We consider it equally important to develop improvements to these surroundings, thus maximizing the opportunities available for each individual to participate actively in all aspects of society.


The leading principles for teaching and research

The guiding principles in teaching and research at the Faculty are: 

  • recognizing that diversity is nothing unusual
  • respecting the individuality of every human being
  • focusing on the competencies and capabilities of every individual
  • finding ways for persons with disabilities to participate in the various social systems


The Faculty offers a wide range of study programs some of which qualify for teaching professions and some for non-teaching professions in the sector of rehabilitation.

One of the Faculty's primary aims is to establish good study conditions for its students which allow them to successfully graduate in an adequate time frame. The Faculty welcomes students from all over the world, supports them and endorses international cooperation in teaching and research.