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Current Research Projects

in alphabetical order:

AbI - Alliance for barrier free Information Technology (Aktionsbündnis für barrierefreie Informationstechnik)


Advancement of vocational literacy for  illiterate persons, who are in pre-vocational or vocational education or belong to the group of young adults without apprenticeship


BEST Quality

Benchmarking European standards in Social services Transnationally


Concept of Family Support

Developing supportive structures for households caring for adult family members with disabilities


Fostering children with mathematical difficulties


Get to work with the personal payment!

New control of services leading to participation in working life for disabled people in workshops and vocational training units


ISaR Inclusive Services and Rehabilitation


Purposeful Participation

Tailoring supports for individual needs of people with disabilities and challenging behaviour


The personal budget in the mix of services

New housing concepts for people with intellectual disabilities, between residential settings, ambulant services and informal assistance

  • Project Leader:  Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Wacker - Sociology in Rehabilitation


Young Research Fellow Programme:  Low Vision in Children


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