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Exchange Students

Exchange students are welcome to study a semester or more at the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences!

At the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences, we offer an English study program during the winter term. You can find more information here.

Within the framework of Erasmus, we have reached a range of exchange agreements with European universities. If you are interested in studying here, please contact the international studies co-ordinator at your own university first. For any further information regarding the different study programmes at the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences, you are most welcome to contact our , which is in charge of international study affairs at the faculty.


Application and deadlines:

For all application deadlines, semester dates and all questions regarding application procedures please look at the information of our International Office here.



If you have been selected by your university to study one or two semesters at the TU Dortmund within the framework of ERASMUS, please, apply online via the online application form.

As soon as the International Office has received your application, they will send you an email to inform you that you have been accepted. This email also contains important information including dates, the name of your departmental coordinator and information on registration.

If you have any questions or if you need more information about the application, please consult the website of the Office of International Relations or get in contact via email: erasmus@tu-dortmund.de.