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International Students

Exchange Students from Europe (Erasmus)

Exchange students are welcome to study a semester or more at the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences!

We have reached a range of exchange agreements with European universities. If you are interested in studying here, please contact the international studies coordinator at your home university first.



(International Students 2016/17)

Why study in Dortmund?

University's Support Services

  • The university’s Language Center offers a four-week Intensive German Language Course prior to the semester (in September) that is free of charge

  • Welcome Session on the first day of the Intensive German Language Course

  • Students can apply for a room in a student residence within the application process

  • The institution provides infrastructure for welcoming students with disabilities

Zitate International Students

Study Program in English

The faculty offers an English study program every winter term (September - December). Exchange students can take part in this program and achieve 30 ECTS. Students who speak German can also take part in any other course of the faculty.


Application Process

If you have been selected by your university for studying one or two semesters at TU Dortmund in the framework of the ERASMUS program, your faculty's international coordinator has to send us a nomination email which contains your contact details. Afterwards, we will send you an email with the first important information on the application process, housing etc.

Nomination Deadlines

  • For the winter term: March 15th
  • For the summer term: September 15th

Application Deadlines

  • For the winter term: May 15th
  • For the summer term: November 15th



Summer Semester 

Winter Semester 


April 1st - September 30th

October 1st - March 31th

Regular Classes

06/04/2020 - 17/07/2020

12/04/2021 - 23/07/2021

12/10/2020 - 05/02/2021

04/10/2021 - 28/01/2022

English Program

- - - 

12/10/2020 – 23/12/2020

04/10/2021 - 23/12/2021


If you have any questions or need more information about the application, please consult the website of the Office of International Relations or get in contact via .







International Study Affairs:
Annika Biewener
Carina Metzler (student assistant)



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